Diagnosis: renal failure and kidney failure

Kidney Failure

Patients usually experience feelings of fear and anxiety when they hear the phrase “You have kidney failure”. These feelings are natural. Many questions come to mind, and the most important of them is: “What will happen to me?” The diagnosis of chronic kidney disease is life-changing, modern medicine gives reason to remain optimistic. It is […]

How to lose weight easily and naturally?

For many people, losing weight is restrictive, difficult to achieve without upsetting your habits. It is however easy to refine without getting frustrated or exhausted in endless sports sessions. Here are the keys to losing weight easily and sustainably. What are the reasons for weight gain? Gaining weight often results from an imbalance between your diet and the […]

How to protect a child from tuberculosis?

It is possible to reduce the risk of child’s tuberculosis by BCG vaccination, which is mandatory and is free for all children in the hospital from 3 days of life (in the absence of medical contraindications). Children who are not vaccinated in the maternity hospital are vaccinated in the neonatal pathology departments or in the conditions […]

What is Gingivitis: Causes, Symptoms and How to treat


The Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums caused in the vast majority of cases, by a mouthwash inadequate. Among other symptoms, the disease causes redness, bleeding and bad breath. Without treatment, it progresses to periodontitis, an inflammation that damages the structures that support the tooth and that compromises cardiovascular health. How does gingivitis arise? […]