Install major Windows 10 update

At this time or in the next few days you should receive a notification to install a major Windows 10 update. We have separated a summary of the new features and settings that you can use after installing this version.

Light mode

Windows 10 has a new clear theme. Once activated, all system menus will be mostly white. To switch between light and dark themes, open Windows Settings, then choose Personalization , Colors and choose your preferred one. The default wallpaper has been changed to better match the new color scheme.

Microsoft Windows 11 Concept settings and other changes

Control brightness

The Action Center (available from the notification icon on the right side of the taskbar) now includes a brightness controller if you are using a laptop. Speaking of which, it became easier to configure which options should be available there: right click on an item and choose the option Edit quick actions , or right click on an empty space and choose Edit to make changes.

Search without Cortana

The search function has been separated from Cortana, as you will see if you do a search in the taskbar search field. Use the tabs at the top of the window to specify your results ( Applications , Documents , Web ) if necessary. Cortana is still there and can be activated by clicking on the button in the right part of the search field or with a “Hey Cortana” command.

Login to the web using your face

Windows Hello is now a safe and recognized method for logging online. This should not be available right away, because the sites will need to implement the code needed to activate the option. As expected, the Microsoft account page is among the first to adopt the new login option.

Pause Windows updates

Windows will give you more control over future updates – you can, for example, pause updates for seven days by going to Settings and the Update and Security tab . You can also set the ‘active time’ (so that updates are not installed) automatically, using the Change active time option . Technically, this functionality was already available before the May 2019 update.

Remove pre-installed apps

Good news for those who want to reduce useless Windows 10 apps: software such as 3D Viewer, Calculator, Groove Music, Email, Calendar, TV & Movies, Paint 3D, Capture and Sketch, Sticky Notes and Voice Recorder can be uninstalled. As always, uninstalled programs go to the Applications page in Windows Settings.

See if your work has been saved to Notepad

Following the trend of rival applications, Notepad now displays an asterisk at the top of the window that shows if changes made to a document are not saved. It may seem like a picturesque touch at a time when most of us automatically save files to the cloud every few minutes, but it can prevent you from closing a file without saving it.

A new game bar

While not part of the May 2019 Update, improvements to the Xbox Game Bar (press Win + G to open it) are coming along with the update. The game center now includes more advanced options for controlling Spotify, sharing screenshots more easily, mixing audio between games and applications, among other functions.

Send kaomojis more easily

If you find kaomojis useful in your conversations – whether to send that face (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) or simply ignore something with ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ – it was easy to send them in this new version of Windows. They will appear in the same window dedicated to emojis and you can access them quickly using the Win + shortcut . (Score). You can access other useful symbols, like the half-stripe.

Keep focus

The Focus Assistant has been part of Windows 10 for some time – it blocks notifications when you’re busy – but in the May 2019 Update it can be activated automatically whenever you put any of your apps in full screen mode. In Settings, click System and then choose Focus Wizard to see the new option.

Increase the visibility of the mouse cursor

Most of us were not expecting this news, but it is something very welcome for those who have difficulty seeing the mouse courses. Through the Ease of Access and Cursor and pointer options in the system settings it is possible to make the course very large and colorful.

Avoid update errors

This change is behind the curtains and the expectation is to never have to use it. The new version of Windows automatically removes updates that went wrong. In other words, if your PC has problems during startup, Windows itself will remove the new version and wait 30 days to install it again (enough time for everything to be fixed).

Increase the security level

Windows 10 security settings have also received news: open the Windows Security option (search for it in the taskbar), then click Virus and threat protection and change the settings in the Virus and threat protection settings menu . Enable the new Protection button against abusive interventions to block malicious applications from changing key system options.

Run desktop applications in virtual reality

Desktop applications are now available in virtual reality. Windows Mixed Reality environments, which until now only had Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications, can work with any desktop app. Reading your emails and PDF documents can get more interesting now.

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