Are Jews Allowed to Gamble? | My Jewish Learning

Make money online through electronic wallet, Gamble etc

Impersonating reputable people, famous people to scam online

Lots of scammers have set up virtual Facebooks – Pretend reputable people who have a say in a section of the public and use the person’s image without permission. Every day they post many articles on the Facebook page / nick. Then, they will approach friends or fans on that page to request to buy goods (fashion items, phone cards, …) but in fact this is a form of money fraud. If you are inadvertent, you are very likely to be intrigued

Are Jews Allowed to Gamble? | My Jewish Learning


This way of making money has long been limited. You will share personal documents that you have, if users have a need, they will download and pay for you. This may be a potential monetization method, but you will have trouble with copyright. Especially in cases where you use other people’s documents to make money, it can easily lead to legal problems.


Play the stock market or gamble

This is a fast but unsustainable method of making money, brings many risks and may be liable to liability if the player is inadvertent.

Make money online through electronic wallet

Surely you are familiar with electronic wallets like Paypal or Webmoney – these two wallets originate from the US and Russia. The function of e-wallets is to support the exchange of currencies between wallet users in all countries around the world. For people making money online, e-wallets will help them receive international payments and then transfer money to their accounts in Vietnamese banks.

However, in the currency exchange process it is very likely to be deceived and fraudsters will steal your money. When you need fast money, the partners may fail to pay you, report you badly, and many other things that are detrimental to you. Therefore, you need to be very careful.

Moreover, Paypal’s policy is also very strict and difficult, if you suddenly receive money from a fraudulent account, Paypal also thinks that it is your fault and then they block the account or even permanently stop them. use wallet as well.

Some other ways to make money online such as introducing people to write articles for the website, introducing web visitors or uploading photos to make money, … Almost all are scams, you need to choose a right and reputable online money making channel. credit.

Reputable and effective ways to make money online at home

  1. Google Adsense

When you visit any website, you will see Google ads. This is a good effect and demonstrates the attractiveness of the world’s largest search page. The setup is very easy on any basic web browser, and when it works stably, they will help you significantly.

Installing Google AdSense is also very easy. You only need 1 blog or 1 website, you will be created a free Google AdSense account. Google will provide a unique code for you to paste on your website. From there, they will track page views and collect metrics for you.

A lot of people ask how much will they make through Google AdSense? Take an example: 1 person made nearly $ 5000 within 1 month of 10 years running Google Ads. When you go from zero to making $ 5,000 / month, that’s what really changes your life. That is for this person very excited, although they know there are other ways to make money as well.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a good website with an idea for a blog and want to make money online, you can think about affiliate marketing. When using affiliate marketing, you collaborate with brands or businesses to put their products on your content websites. In the case that you mention a certain product or service with the unique affiliate code you received through the affiliate program. You will receive a commission when a customer purchases a product or service through your affiliate.

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